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Three Different Phases: Here's How We Do it

1) Estimate Phase 2) Planning Phase 3) Production Phase

Estimate Phase

Ballpark pricing, Questions, Formal Estimates, etc

Use the "Contact" page to send a description of what you're looking to get done along with a video of your work area that could help us understand your current space (or send photos to our email after completing the form)

We will call contact you within the hour to confirm a time to talk on the phone. In this step, we will ask you open-ended questions to truly understand what you are looking for and attempt to give you an idea of what that might cost

Does it sound like we are a good fit for each other? If so, we will schedule a time for us to come out to your home and provide a formal and official estimate. If accepted, we will determine our next steps together and schedule a project start date

Planning Phase

Failing to plan; is planning to fail

After determining our project start date, we'll check in with you to ensure that all is well. This will include confirming paint colors, sheens, customer and contractor expectations, timelines, and more. Feel free to reach out with any questions during this phase. Our goal is to keep you mindful and excited for our project together!

Production Phase

Bringing your home to life



Repair, replace, prime, clean - whatever the situation takes, this step is the most crucial to ensuring the quality of your end product



1 coat? 2 coats? Primer required? Application method? Rest easy, we'll have clarified all of these concerns and carry them out according to plan



Leaving your project without extra work for you while also maintaining a clean worksite during the duration of the project


As your project comes to a close, we will perform touchups before and after our walk-through together. This way we ensure we're satisfied with our product

Leaving you to what you do best; enjoying your new home

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